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Julie Millett and the St. George Luxury Home Group lists some of the finer homes in Southern Utah. Here are our top choices:

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St. George Luxury Home Group

We’ve created this group with a sole purpose to provide a 5 start service to those searching for luxury in Southern Utah.

We understand the hassle that searching for and/or selling a home can be, so we decided to make that our strength. By contacting us, we’ll take the stress and turn this into a marvelous experience that you’d wish you had more business with us!

We have a beautiful team that has 30+ years in real estate experience, but most importantly, our experience is with the beautiful communities of Stone Cliff, Kayenta, The Ledges, and Entrada.


St. George has a plethora of elegant homes that we would love to show you. Tell us what you are looking for!

Beautiful Views

People move to St. George because of the beautiful scenery. Most of our homes feature a marvelous view.

Prestine Quality

Our homes are built by the best contractors of southern Utah. We personally will vouch for the quality of each and every home we feature.